I wonder how you found this page. You must be truly gifted and a holder of the higher knowledge. Maybe you got a business card where white letters are engraved on black linen? You see a code, so tiny that you need glasses to read it. You notice the Bandersnatch logo. There is no real name, no address, no phone number, no email printed. It is all cryptic. There is stated Author of The Gods Of Informatics and Curator for Immmersive Art at Santorini Biennale. So computing and the arts meet in one person, right?

Use the ROT13 cypher to decode Ervare. It is said that the new Digital is Analog. Then you know my analog name is “Reiner.” I created Art[dot].Blue, Zima Blue, Harry Hacker, Substance-D, Cyberphoria and many forms of a dot Blue life in the virtual. I started over 40 years ago to create life in the computer. At this time it was called a pen name, later a marionette or a puppet, then an Avatar. I created the first Avatar who made it from virtual life back to the analog world. I got help by NSK [the New Slovenian Kunst Movement] so I carry now a passport with the legal name Kunst Blue. It is said in rez Magazine that Erva Re was the seer of a Pharaoh. Now it gets weird. All faked this life? So best to watch a video to relax before you take the next step.

Phone: +49 171 2077087 also email works info (at) [Reiner]

Are there any current events coming up Reiner is involved?

There are so many so I have to select one … Have a look at THE FAKED at THE WRONG.

Take a look at THE FAKED VR expierience at November 9, 2019 at SPINNEREI and VR@GESIS. What about to meet at February 29, 2020 in Cagliari, Sardinia at THE BASEMENT in EX MA?

Right now join the OPENSIMULATOR CONFERENCE 2019 … to get more on the technology that is widely used for the projects of Art Blue.